About the Platform?

The Ondo State Unemployed Youths Database (UYD) is an intervention by Ondo State Entrepreneurship Agency to create a veritable platform that would capture an up to date records of unemployed youths in the state and create a forum for sharing of vital information on employment or carrier opportunities for the mutual benefit of the fast growing youth population in the state.

We connect Entrepreneurs (both in Nigeria & abroad) with Employees  for full time jobs, part time, internship or freelancing.

Connecting Entrepreneurs with Employees.

Government is not unaware of the daunting challenges facing the youths especially those that have completed their studies but could not be gainfully employed to meet their aspirations in life. Equally disturbing is the increasing number of youths who have undergone skill acquisition trainings but are facing the challenges of capital formation to establish a sustainable trade or business outfit.

It has become imperative to complement the lofty Youths empowerment initiative of Ondo State Government by generating the requisite data of the youths through this interactive and freely accessible portal.

The Ondo State Unemployed Youths Database will therefore be designed to rally the youths population in Ondo State, especially the unemployed, challenge them to be creative, increase their level of awareness, encourage dynamism and team spirit among them and make it easy for government and employers of labour to have a firsthand information.